Unexpected circumstances, real and dreamy simultaneously, reflect on the actual facts of life. It is the reality of everyday life that would go unnoticed, however the photo managed to capture it.


> gypsies

10 black & white photos
The gypsies become “actors”
within “decorated spaces”,
preserving the myth that

most of us know.

> Cemetery

10 black & white photos
A sequence compiled
in the late eighties,
focuses closely on these
recycled images working-class
cemeteries around Greece.

> every days- portraits

6 black & white photos
Behind the topic that fills the photographic scene, some “insignificant” details always reveal a remaining...

> fade-out

10 black & white photos
The real subject of these
images is the way space
is transformed by light
and movement.

> someone knocking at the door

art catalogue
With a home-made camera,
projects his stories onto
a screen during three different
moments of their development.